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Fractal Spotlight: JWildfire

Table of Contents

  1. Intro + downloads
  2. Language Choice Comments
  3. “Artwork”


Introducing Andreas Maschke’s JWildfire, a fractal generator. The current latest version you can download here. The source code is available on Github.

Last time I spoke about fractal generators, it was about IncendiaEX, a program that makes 3D point clouds – vertices and all – not merely drawing them. JWildfire is a step down from that for certain reasons (see next section).

Language Choice Comments

Programs in Java always look pretty to me, but optimizing them… for a fractal generator can be really tricky though very necessary (since Java is an interpreted language). Andres Maschke managed to do just that and even make his program’s speed comparable to Apophysis! The only current trouble with the program is launching it, as many people have said. The easiest thing to do to ensure the program works on your system, at least from my perspective, would be to create a project in NetBeans or Enclipse IDE and add all of the files.


It’s hard to call something a computer does as art except that there was someone behind the scenes who programmed it to do so. And boy did he do a nice job.

Below are samples. Clicking on the images will take you to where I found them.

Fractal manipulation by Deviant Artist Kancano. Fractals entirely from JWildfire

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