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NaNoWrimo First Try

Rather than start this post with excuses and a short history of NaNoWriMo or my past at writing, as most bloggers do, allow me to jump right to the details.

First know this: I’m not sharing the unique details, so if you’re looking for something to leech off of, sorry. Go find another blog. All you’ll get here is a vague, generic set of ideas.

Table of Contents

  • What am I writing about?
  • What was my inspiration?
  • Why you should read this
  • Concluding Remarks

What am I writing about?

Girls. That was sweet and simple. Okay, so it’s not just about girls. (I said to capture the attention of unsuspecting individuals.) It’s about people; it’s about relationships. Guess what: IT’S A ROMANCE NOVEL!!

I intend to fill the story with sexual innuendos and sex jokes, all reinterpreted and reviewed in a new light – one that actually condones yea status quo eros and replaces it with a form found among the wise, moral, and blessed.

Actual story please

Oh, sorry. I’m writing about a group of kids attending a local community college as well as the individuals around them who most influence their lives.

Sound generic? Good. This is NaNoWriMo. I have spent little time developing this story, so it’s going to be mostly ad hoc, as are most NaNoWriMo stories.

What was my inspiration?

Get ready for it… … Theology of the Body, by Pope John Paul II. Even if you aren’t Catholic, or even Christian for that matter, but are interesting in views on the innate dignity of the human person, you should read Theology of the Body. The message it contains is uplifting and honoring. It presents the moral and ethical borders established by God for the purpose of defending His view of the dignity He gave to mankind, making it clear why certain practices that society deems acceptable are in fact sin. Can you guess why? – Human dignity.

In response to the late pope’s work, I’m writing this story to present the proper view of relationships when put into practice. Relationships establish community, or “communio” in Latin (though you’ll have to read Theology of the Body to get a proper understanding of that concept). It is this community that is so essential to mankind. As John Paul II said, man was the only being created for his own sake and yet cannot truly find himself except in a sincere gift of self.

Why should you read this?

The answer is hidden in the above section, but for clarity’s sake: It’s because I intend to present relationships in a manner that you can learn from. Nevermind that the story may seem unrealistic because the people exercise the moral vision perfectly – You can learn something from seeing relationships done the right way. (Honestly, who wants to learn from the wrong way?)

Also, I deem myself to be above average at prose – or at least legible. No frequent spelling errors, not blaring grammatical mistakes. I’m picky. I don’t care if this is NaNoWrimo – I’m going to do some on-the-fly editing. I wish more people would do that. All that to say, the read will be pleasant even if the story doesn’t fit your tastes.

Concluding Remarks

Since I’ve never done a short novel before, much less finished any decent size story, this will be a new experience. It will require a serious push on my part. I may even post updates here just to motivate myself and keep you interested.

If I manage to finish, and some time in between now and then I get good at art, I may turn it into a manga or something. Don’t count on it. I can be twice as lazy as you, and I don’t even know you.


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