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OCRemix Profiles: William Harby “Will Rock”

Will Harby is obsessed with making music, and he’s got quite a reputation for it – a sort of mini fame he’s proud to have. Aside from OCRemix, his music is also on Youtube (duh), Soundcloud, and Myspace. In more recent news, he’s been made an official “judge” on OCRemix – which means he’s one of the guys who will be deciding on whether your submissions pass.

Music Style

This guy is one of the reasons I listen to OC Remix. His music pretty much got me into it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t his usual style that got me in. All of the guys on OCRemix have a particular sound to their music, this guy included, so you can usually tell it’s them. However, he doesn’t always confine himself to the rocker he obviously is. With the exception of a song here and there, his songs aren’t hard rock. One again, with the exception of a few, his songs contain that game sound like it’s aura is incapable of extending outside of the speakers hooked up to your computer or TV. After awhile, the sound gets old, and you start looking for other stuff. Either that, or you find yourself listening to 8-bit remixes or the classic techno most people associate with game music and despise.

While Harby’s music is good when you come to OCRemix, he also does remixes of very popular music, such as Sonic and Mega Man. If you look around, you’ll probably find someone has done a better version of the song he’s done (with a few exceptions).


Remix list

Sweet Samples


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