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No Red Wing Haibane Renmei

冬のラッカ by いくさりゅうじ

Table of Contents

  • This Blog is Not About Anime
  • Summary of Haibane Renmei
  • Critique
  • Rating
  • Where to Watch

This Blog is Not About Anime (Alone)

First, this blog is by no means your typical anime or manga review blog. If you’re looking for a blog strictly devoted to that, you might check out Paper Chimes or Beneath the Tangles or anything that pops up in your internet search first. I don’t have that much time for anime. I happen to write about anime because I enjoy it and this is my freestyle blog.

By the way, the Red Wings are awesome, but you’re not going to get to see any in this show – Charcoal is in style. Sorry, bad pun.


If Buddha wrote a script for a slice-of-life anime, it might look something like this. Basically, the story addresses an issue like karma, but in this case, the “good” and the “bad” is simply restricted to the end of life before the “day of flight” and not necessarily to how well the characters get to enjoy life prior to then.

The story concerns a group of beings that look like humans but have wings and halos like angels. (There is a legend for back-story to explain this, and it is described in one scene but never developed after that.) They live in an old house outside a town and surprisingly have electricity.

I’m not going to spoil the story for you any more than that. It’s a short 12 episodes, and there isn’t much to it. If you don’t mind ignoring the fact that the religion is weird, it’s a decent watch.



Someone needs to take classes in depth perception. While the depth sometimes worked (usually when computer-generated, *sigh*), it was usually obvious that things looked out of place. I blame this alittle on the clarity of the drawings – something in the distance should look less detailed, not the same as close up (otherwise it just looks like the character image was shrunk, which may have been what the animators did).

Other than that, it was decent art. I hate to use “decent” when describing anime art since it is all very good and I couldn’t do it myself (not yet, at least). However, it was close to average. I did like the character design. It wasn’t Miyazaki and it wasn’t Key Animation, though it used a very beautiful color scheme (non-technicolor).


What music? You have the opening and the ending songs (and the opening is nice). It seems the story tried not to depend on music. As a result, the emotional feel of the story suffered.


Typically, stories where a newbie steps into the scene and has to be told everything are usually destined to be annoying or at the very least boring to watch again. Not so with this show. While much of the time early on was spent developing the world so you had an idea of what the newbie was getting into, it wasn’t some barrage of information all at once. In fact, most of the physics of the world were left undisclosed – partly so that the writer could manipulate them.

Character development happens throughout the story. I felt like each side character was developed as much as they should have been given the short time-span of the show. With the main characters, I would say the same thing, but then the author brings everything to an important plot twist and the characters step out of character. It all supposedly makes sense, but on the other hand, I find myself rolling my eyes at the effects of karma on the mind.


  • Overall:
    Enjoy it? Yeah, I guess. Would watch again? Probably not.
  • Visuals: 5/10
  • Music: 1/10
  • Story: 8/10

Where to Watch

At the time I’m writing this, Funimation has licensed it. You can watch it free on their website.

Fan Art

There happens to be alot of fan art for anime, this one included. Here are some samples.

by nuclearcarrots
by nuclearcarrots
“Rakka in the Morning” by Ivraie
“GET TO THE RENMEI!!!!” by 47ness

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