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OCRemix Profiles: William Harby “Will Rock”

Will Harby is obsessed with making music, and he’s got quite a reputation for it – a sort of mini fame he’s proud to have. Aside from OCRemix, his music is also on Youtube (duh), Soundcloud, and Myspace. In more recent news, he’s been made an official “judge” on OCRemix – which means he’s one of the guys who will be deciding on whether your submissions pass.

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No Red Wing Haibane Renmei

冬のラッカ by いくさりゅうじ

Table of Contents

  • This Blog is Not About Anime
  • Summary of Haibane Renmei
  • Critique
  • Rating
  • Where to Watch

This Blog is Not About Anime (Alone)

First, this blog is by no means your typical anime or manga review blog. If you’re looking for a blog strictly devoted to that, you might check out Paper Chimes or Beneath the Tangles or anything that pops up in your internet search first. I don’t have that much time for anime. I happen to write about anime because I enjoy it and this is my freestyle blog.

By the way, the Red Wings are awesome, but you’re not going to get to see any in this show – Charcoal is in style. Sorry, bad pun.

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