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My website is up!


For testing purposes, I uploaded a website I’ve been working on for a few days – my own. I’ve spent more time doing websites for other people, but no one’s ready to post stuff yet. That being said, mine’s rather unfinished as it is – broken links here and there (a big no-no in my web design philosophy), incomplete text, (Update 8/1/2012: it’s better) addition of content, and the reorganization of existing content are the things I have left to do. But at least it’s now online and my site doesn’t look like your typical “This site does not exist” anymore (which should make my website host provider happy since I’m no longer wasting server space).

What’s my site for? Well, it’s primarily for showing off my stuff and skills as a programmer (and offering free code and stuff I’ve written or will write). I build websites like this. If you like what you see and want me to build you a site, go ahead and contact me (info under the about page). I don’t work for free, but I have no intention of ripping you off either. This offer expires if I even work for a company that wants my web code.

Where is my joint? Right here:
My website host is 000webhost. Thank you so much people who keep it free!

Being my 51st post, I deem this a blogging milestone: blogging about something major that I’ve done.


Update as of August 1st: I’ve fixed all of the broken links. It’s fully operational now. I would like to add some additional content and reorganize things when I do, but for now, it’s fine.


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