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OC Remix Profiles: A.P. Matthews – “Analoq”

Last Time I spoke about Joshua Morse, for whom there was information.

Not much is known about Matthews – for Pete sakes, someone on the forums thought he was a girl. This video either proves that wrong or that’s a very manly-looking individual.
EDIT: If you look at the conversation below this article, one person says Matthews is a girl, and they claim to have met her. Seems like the meeting was legit: they are friends with an A.P. Matthews who registered an account in 2007, but the profile picture still looks like the individual in the images at the top of this article (i.e. they still look like a guy).

A.P. Matthews - profile picture. Sure doesn't look like an Asian school girl to me, but I don't know everybody.
A.P. Matthews – profile picture. Sure doesn’t look like an Asian school girl to me, but I don’t know everybody.

Furthermore, the sex label on O.C.Remix is male, so either they are trying to be anonymous in every respect – even hiding behind a guy – or they are a guy (or at least that’s the conclusion I came to).

From his videos on Youtube, it appears he attended Fullerton College.

On his spare time, he writes a blog. On it, he’s been talking about some midi sequencer he’s been working on for the past several years.

Music Style

Analoq is all about groove. You can hear it in every piece of music he makes. A set of drums and a repeated chord progression meld to form stuff I can’t get enough off, although each song in and of itself isn’t something you’d loop all day unless you prefer a double portion of monotony. Then again, this guy can make any typical repeated melody into a classic hit; forget the originals, replace your game soundtrack with analoq!

Despite being on OC Remix since ’02,  he hasn’t published much more than ten songs, but he’s featured in five of the earliest OCRemix albums.

Albums he has contributed to

Remix list

Some sweet samples you might enjoy (a list I may append to at any time):

Do note that the music will probably sound like crap in your browser because you’ll hear it as low-quality Midi or flv. In other words, for the best sound quality, you’ll have to download the mp3 files.


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