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.hack//Quantum – Not As Bad As It Looks

First, if you don’t know what .hack is, see my post on the .hack franchise.

.hack//Quantum takes place in the World R:X, another generation of the MMORPG developed by CC Corp. The story is about three girls who hang out in the world: Sakuya, Mary, and Tobias. The first is a rambunctious character who inadvertently leads her friends into a cyber trap, and the fun goes on from there.

It was three standard-length (half-hour long) episodes – nothing special, though it did bring things to a quick conclusion. It didn’t feel like the show was rushed, despite being short, because all the main plot points had an explanation and things were wrapped up nicely in the end.

Currently, you can watch this free on Funimation’s website.

Cut to the chase: Would I watch this again?
Yeah. It’s good for when you’re in the mood for .hack and don’t have anything better to watch. However, if you are a diehard anime fan who is sick of predictable plots and stereotypical characters, don’t even bother watching this show: this show is enjoyed best with an unbiased mind set on just getting some entertainment.


It fit. There was no opening music, but the ending music fit the dot Hack style.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Gonzo simply pasted the character profile of Sakuya to create Fam for Last Exile Fam the Silver Wing. The characters are carbon copies of each other even down to the facial expressions.

One enjoyable aspect of the show was the ditching of the rogue villain. He wasn’t a pointless character – he did get them into mess and start the mystery rolling – but he wasn’t the ultimate villain, and he was expediently dumped.

Amoral content

Japanese people like to take baths together – a scenario shown in many anime. In this show, however, there is nothing to imply any sort of attempt at fan service, so the details of the nudity are up to your imagination if you dare.

The costumes in this show are the typical ones in .hack: revealing the belly button and perhaps alittle small in some areas, but styled exactly like what you might expect in any MMORPG (that’s “massive multiplayer online role playing game” for you non-techy, non gamers out there).

As in any MMO, there is fighting, though the deaths in this show are bloodless and digital (i.e. respawn after “death”).

I could go picking on the finer points of the show, but that would give away major spoilers.


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