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The Game’s on at Newgrounds

Newgrounds has definitely undergone some changes over the years. It used to be primarily for music (Newgrounds Audio Portal), but now it’s home to art and video games as well.

For example, let’s start with a flash game from MBHimself, also part creator of PsithyroiOnline. This one’s called Orbit Vector Defense. The idea is you have to defend a big sphere in the middle. You’re that little sphere around this big one. Click anywhere and a bullet shoots out from the little sphere towards your mouse. It’ll stop if it hits the big sphere (but fortunately, you can’t inflict damage on it).

Little spheres come flying in that you have to destroy. Your left and right arrow keys swing you counterclockwise and clockwise (respectively) around the big sphere. You have to shoot the little spheres that come flying at you.

It’s annoying at first to have to control your little sphere (or “pod” if you will) and shoot simultaneously, but after awhile (and once the big sphere gets smaller from the damage), the game become addicting… the longer you go, the less you want to quit and the harder the game becomes.

Static Art?

I also mentioned that Newgrounds has art. The artist plantm has some stuff there, primarily pictures made with the fractal image generator Apophysis 7x, an extended and FREE version of the already free Apophysis 1 and 2. One such image, plantm animated in photoshop:

which, if you watch carefully and long enough, you’ll notice is exactly the same as the one he posted on DeviantArt.


It seems like Newgrounds is competing with lots of other places for showcasing work, not just sharing images and songs. That’s fine – more spaces and options for us. My only question now is which links of mine are going to die first.



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