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Ah! The fragrance of spam!

No, I’m not talking about the meat, spam. But there would be equally as much sarcasm if I were!

As an administrator of a blog, I decided to personally sort through all of the comments and allow commentary from users who at the very least give an email address even if they don’t have a WordPress account. That allows people from outside of WordPress to engage in what’s going on. I monitor everything because most of the time, what people post is spam (i.e. junk messages).

The spam I got this week was actually more pleasant sounding than usual. The goal is the same – pure solicitation – but theses emails were so unique, so well contrived, even ending a an alias! For kicks, I clicked on one. Surprisingly, it led to a blog article. Not surprisingly, the blog article was complete devoid of anything of interest, and the page eventually loaded a pop-up ad. It makes me wish there weren’t people who were gullible enough to click on these links. That would really spare the rest of us from such irritation because advertisers would realize that this technique doesn’t work. Of course, then we would have to worry about the hackers who are able to hack into your computer if you load up their website. It’s as if these people have nothing better to do with their lives but annoy folks browsing the internet. From what I’ve been reading recently, these people aren’t necessarily bums sitting in apartments on the bad side of town with no job and nothing to do (though there are people like this) – sometimes its kids who picked up some tech skills and think it would be fun to jack a computer or make a quick buck. Some of them happen to be taking advantage of the older generation who has the money without being tech-savvy enough to keep it in this digital age.

You think you might recognize spam just from the URLs attached to the message. That does turn out to be the case, which is why WordPress automatically dumps these messages in the spam box (hurray!), but as today’s lesson showed, one of these days, you may find yourself browsing the internet and stumble upon a seemingly legitimate blog… only to discover the articles are fluff with thousands of tags meant to catch the unwary. On the other hand, it is kinda humorous glancing at these silly attempts to attract consumers.


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