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MST3K – Japs in Suits

Just finished watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000: Gamera vs Guiron on Netflix. I yawned. The humor doesn’t seem to click anymore. Maybe the reviews of the movie are terribly misleading or maybe it was just late at night. I dunno – I thought I was ready to laugh (and I tried), but I was thoroughly disappointed.

The title of this post has to do with the film, no doubt. Without trying to spoil the film for you, let me give you my take:

Featuring in this film: two young runaways, incongruent dubbing (Engrish over Japanese), and a giant space turtle. What could be better MST3K material? Houston, we have a problem: the plot is too simple. For an hour-and-a-half long kooky sci-fi, it manages to do an excellent job at providing almost nothing to laugh at. Okay, okay, so I did learn that you can use a Nerf gun as a hair razor and formal conversations could be summed up in the phrases “Hello” and “Thank you”, but other than that, my interest in the rest of the film could be compared to the grain of salt on a donut. Yup, the show was stolen by a couple of guys in lizard suits and the predecessors of fem-bots in Austin Powers. You’re not missing much by not watching this film, unless you watch with a stitch – and I don’t mean the kind to patch up scaly wounds! You may come up with some inside jokes with your friend(s), but never go alone into the confines of outer space.

My parting words of advice: believe those radicals when they talk about flying turtles and saucers. After all, it may just be the French or you tax dollars at work. Happy landings, space cadet!

For more images on what we thought space would look like way back when, see this link.


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