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Minecraft to Lego

Because Minecraft is the perfect place for many Lego fans…

There’s little difference between this and the digital version

The LEGO Group decided to team up with the makers of Minecraft to bring you the minecraft world in the real one. Hopefully for Lego fans, this means that those uber awesome creations you’ve been working on in Minecraft will be convertible to real legos. Then again, there are some things you can build in Minecraft that wouldn’t exactly translate piece-for-piece into the Lego world, but that can be altered with different pieces. Perhaps a software expansion pack to Minecraft could help you redesign your mega castles so as to make building them plausible? After all, who wouldn’t want to play with Lego sets like this?:

Of course, Lego has made their own digital designer, LDD, even going through several versions of it to improve features and piece control. It is definitely more flexible (you have more pieces to work with), but last time I used it (version 3 something, though version 4.2 is the latest), I found it obnoxiously time consuming. That’s the downside of having sooooo many pieces to work with. Then again, if there was some sort of palette mechanism for storing the last-used pieces, as in Minecraft (where your mouse click adds the piece without dragging mechanisms as in LDD), that might speed things up. I haven’t tested LDD 4.2 to see how it compares.

The one big benefit of LDD is that you can order your creations as Lego sets. Granted, it probably costs alittle more than retail price, but you’re getting what you want. Plus, all of the pieces are (or should be) in stock, so you won’t have to worry about ordering something that doesn’t exist (unless a new version of the program comes out).

The original story can be found here.


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