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This is another one of those blogs that you’ll find where someone rambles on about things they have an opinion about, and since I have an opinion about a great many things, I have alot to talk about (such as why spell-check still doesn’t think “alot” is a word).

Things that interest me very, but I hope this blog will be a great use to you, not just for hearing another opinion, but for becoming informed about a great many things.

Before I being posting anything, I’d like to thank Tim Henderson for the royalty-free abstract art that I slightly modified and used for my background. You can find his art here.

Side note: I have another blog about hobbies and such called “Digi Steam Central”. I fully intend to maintain that blog, even if I don’t post very often, but I don’t intend to share its content here (so if you are looking for information about my hobbies, hobbies in general, informative details about programming, etc. then go there). This blog is strictly for my interests and random things I stumble upon on the internet.

God bless you.



Enter the space and time of my little world... Welcome Earthling.

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