Gnosticism, Buddhism, and Eben Alexander

These past couple of years, starting with unfortunate circumstances, I have been particularly interested the topic of life after death, and thus I have done a bit of exploring in the topic of “near death experiences” (NDEs). Some of these experiences are probably legitimate, and they seem to agree. Other experiences are far-fetched and delusional. Still others are probably not death experiences but are indeed “near death”. But they all get classified as the same because there is no scientific way to prove the distinctions between any of them. Thus, there is a possibility of con-artists piggy-backing of the popularity of this topic in order to sell sensationalist books. One person who is claimed as doing such is Eben Alexander who utilized his complicated medical experience to sell books and get out of debt. While others see a con-artist, I do believe Alexander is being honest about his visions, not trying to lie, but unfortunately, his experience was not of heaven. Because of my own unfortunate experiences, I can explain Mr Alexander’s own experience for what it truly is, an encounter with the mental soup that leads directly to Gnosticism.

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Thoughts on Workplace Evangelism

Recently, I was browsing reddit (not a great idea considering it can be a cesspool of stupidity), and I came across a question about how to evangelize in the workplace, particularly at a software company. The most popular response was to evangelize by character example rather than wearing one’s religion on one’s shoulder, so to speak. The consensus was that the outward Christian – the guy with a picture of Jesus as his desktop background – was annoying. Then again, it was noted that people in the software world assume you are atheist until you mention otherwise. Duh.

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Feeding Babies Steak: Lesson in Spiritual Readiness

As evil in society has become more readily apparent, many people – some Christians included – have the crazy idea that we should expose little kids to the tough and adult stuff in life, ranging from bullying to sex and all the way to death. “It’s normal, and they are going to see it eventually” is the excuse.

These people forget or don’t recognize that a comfortable sheltered childhood makes for good memories, something to look back on with a smile when you get older and things get ugly, and makes a good target when you’ve lost your way. I had a very nice childhood, so I have such a target, and I’ll admit many other people did not. However, there are a number of people with good childhoods who have still come to think that exposing young children to the adult side of life is a good idea.

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Should People Marry Young? On Teen Marriage, Maturity, and Pedophilia

The other day, I was looking a comprehensive list of ethics of the Orthodox church, which are surprisingly hard to find. (The Catholics have it together; why not the Orthodox? But I digress…) I stumbled upon an article by Frederica Mathewes-Green titled Let’s Have More Teen Pregnancy. Her basic point was that people should marry young, that is, in their teenage years. This wasn’t the first time the idea had come to my attention, but she offered a good list of arguments that deserve some expanded commentary and, I think, relate to a other common issues today, particularly pedophilia and even relationships of large age difference. Beware… another long article incoming!

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Of Gamers, Games, and Heaven

A couple years ago, I created a blog for writing insightful commentary on video games, but I never did much with it because, let’s face it, I don’t play games. However, recently, I stumbled upon Kena Bridge of Spirits and watched a playthrough. It was a fascinating game, and I found it really corresponded to what humans intuitively expect out of the next life. You can read my full post on it here.

Today, I’d like to talk alittle bit about gamers, video games, and heaven.

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The Innovators Race – or How to Encourage Engineering of Energy Efficient Vehicles

With populations at large and energy spending through the roof, there’s been alot of interest in creating “green” cars, that is, vehicles that do NOT emit green house gases. (Kinda of ironic to call them green, no? haha) Electric vehicles seem very promising, but their promises can be a bit deceptive or more precisely, passing on the buck. Just because the car itself doesn’t have chemical emissions doesn’t mean that it has net zero impact on the environment. In reality, such cars get power from the grid, which is powered by coal and natural gas, emitting CO2. Moreover, the grid is not designed to handle powering tons of cars. Then there are various other problems, like what to do for powering vehicles in a storm when the grid goes down. These challenges need to be overcome, but rather than throw all our eggs in one basket, perhaps its time to stretch the imagination, flexing our creative mental muscles, to reach again for the ideal goal of 100 miles per gallon of fuel, or maybe the hybrid that breaks barriers.

You might protest and say that companies are already pursuing such options, but the results are very much NOT ideal. Considering gas is very expensive, this would be the perfect time for green cars, but big companies are botching their opportunities in two ways. First, electric cars are too expensive compared to their gas guzzling counterparts. And where people do have the money, they prefer the horsepower, which electric cars lack. Second, electric cars depend too much on microchips and materials that are becoming scarcer as modern society (and the conflict of nations, *ahem* China) progresses and uses them up. Companies have deliberately encouraged wastefulness through planned obsolescence to make a buck, resulting in tons of electronics and their valuable precious metals ending up in landfills.

So how can we fix all this? By having a race, and here’s how.

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3 Year Recap

It’s been a crazy past couple of years, hasn’t it. On the bright side, I’ve managed to figure out how the modern world has gotten in such a mess. It started with some deep analysis of American political history, of which I wrote some really interesting posts (like this one) that I’m sad to say garnered little attention. Maybe I’m bad at titles. haha. I spent some time analyzing China as well with another blog post. And I discovered the problems with anime. In the meantime, I’ve written a couple of books and I’m considering starting a podcast. So it’s been a productive past three years for me.

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Your Body Wants to Move

Recently, I had trouble with Restless Leg Syndrome. I’ve had it before and it went away, but it came back with a vengeance this past week. What gives? According to random internet sources, there isn’t certainty on how you get it or how to get rid of it, but examining my own life, I think I have some clear answers. All of this all fits into a broader topic I’d like to discuss: your body wants to move.

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