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Chopping Out the Christmas Tree from Underneath

Yes, my title sounds butchered, but read on…

Ten years ago, every store in America proclaimed Christmas at every corner. Then gradually it was changed to being more liberal-favoring by saying “Happy Holidays” to be inclusive of Hanukkah. Today, there is not even a mention of Christmas or even holidays. Walmart is content to call itself “America’s Best Toy Store”, and Amazon prides itself on offering Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) deals, and in other stores, employees are discouraged or forbidden from calling out seasons greetings unless a customer initiates it.

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Tears of Avia Launched

Four years ago, I wrote about the indie game Tears of Avia. Normally, indie games as nice looking as this one tend to peter out as devs lose interest and life circumstances make it difficult. Such was not the fate of Tears of Avia, which finally got its launch October 15 and announced in happy exasperation on the Patreon page. Though the Kickstarter failed, the dev found a publisher, PQube, to continue funding the game’s production.

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New Truth of the Party

In Liberal Land, one of the most revered books is 1984, which tells the sad tale of what communism does to people. And yet, those same people desperately want a communist society. People have this strange (ahem, foolish) idea that somehow as long as their guy gets into power, everything will be hunky dory. The old argument is “Communism works, it just hasn’t been done right yet”. History teaches us that humans act roughly the same throughout history. Democracies have a short lifespan whereas monarchies last for millenia. War tactics never change which is why the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu never becomes outdated.

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Drawn to Images – Thoughts Regarding Idolatry

Within your subconscious, a great secret has been lurking since the day you were born. That secret is the driving force behind your motives, the cause of all your problems, the crux of all activities known to man. If you were told it, you might assume the answer was obvious, but if you went to search for it, you would struggle to find it. How all the activities and components of your life are intertwined seems a great mystery until you understand what it is behind it all.

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Lifting of the Fog – The Truth About Anime Style

Originally composed Jan 10, 2020, I’ve decided it’s worth publishing now, especially considering future publications I’m working on.

Pardon me for getting personal – again – but it’s difficult to not say something about this pressing thought.

Some time ago, I wrote an article rejecting the anthropomorphized characters – that is, humanizing non-human creatures or dehumanizing humans. I believed I had a good case: it’s wrong to degrade the intrinsic value of humans by comparing them to animals. If we do that, they human life becomes less valuable and we start to abuse it. In fact, society already degrades the value of the human body, hence it has become easier to compare it to animals.

It’s interesting to note, then, that although (as I thought last time) anime characters are supposed to resemble humans, there are some shocking contrasts as well as cultural responses that I find rather stunning.

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A World Full of Walls

Posted on numerous fences around the world are the all-too-familiar words that forbid entrance: “No Trespassing”. These words apply not only to physically fenced in areas but also to abstract areas including personal space (private possessions, clothing, devices), commerce (copyrights, patents, trademarks), and social space (friendship circles, homes, social classes). The words restrict the freedom of outsiders while establishing what seem to be beneficial boundaries for the occupants.

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