The Corporate Plot of TPP

The world is run by money. Everything goes back to money, or to put it more accurately, capital. The rich get richer and the poor poorer. What do you do when you’ve taken the money of everyone in your country? Simple: You go overseas and take their money! (And while you’re at it, lock the internet and hide the key.)

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Is Krita better than Gimp?

The Gimp is arguably the most popular free software for non-vector digital art and image editing. (Inkscape is the best free program for vector graphics in my opinion.) Some time ago, I analyzed Paint Tool SAI, comparing it with the Gimp, and the results are in. But SAI has an unrelated, nay, a mirror image in the FOSS world trying to do what SAI does in a better way: Krita. Krita is a cross-platform open-source free software tool for digital art. In fact, I’d argue that, in light of what Krita has to offer, Gimp may be considered the best for image editing and not for art creation. But here’s a run-down comparison of the two.

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Musings on Zero

Studying math, I was often taught that 0/0 was undefined, but yet somehow alot of equations seemed to rely on it. For example, x=x could be rewritten as x/x=1, and this was true along the entire graph of x/x, except at 0. Reality, while it can be described by math, has always had an independence that makes math look silly, but always in the case where we try to describe something as real when it isn’t. Zero is going to be the joke of this article. Ready to break math?

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Protecting Language

It is unfortunate that language tends to be polluted as time goes on. I’d like to discuss this, as well as the consequences. But first, let’s start with some meandering….

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Genome Slicing Could Slice Society

My blog usually entails writing about stuff more like Gnome, but today, I can write about real genomes. Recently, the NY Times reported that scientists had found an easy way to slice and edit genes. The same scientists have also started talks in limiting usage of these techniques for fear of their consequences. There are multiple reasons for such limitations, from scientific to social, which I would like to discuss.

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Networks of Invisible Men

This evening, I started thinking about my situation on the internet (as if I could have a situation “on” the internet; there may be plenty of chairs online, but you can’t sit on any of them). My internet adventures have brought me into contact with many people and brought many more people into contact with me. On one hand, it’s somewhat unnerving to think thousands of eyes are seeing things I posted – some of which would probably be nice to go and erase. But since many people don’t go digging through internet records unless their actually trying to dig up dirt on people, it has become easier to rewrite one’s appearance on the net. On the other hand, thousands of people actually care to see what I’ve posted online. I’ve become a member of various forums and miscellaneous websites, and I have blogs several people follow. What would happen if I just “left”?

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Creating Projects with Irrlicht and Premake

~ Table of Contents ~

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Premake?
  3. Initial Steps
    1. File Format
    2. Your Project File Structure
    3. Creating Needed Objects
  4. A Little About Lua
  5. Setting up a Premake Project
  6. Setting up Irrlicht
  7. Putting It All Together
  8. Additional Notes

You are free to copy, modify (if necessary for maintenance), and share this article as much as you wish, but I make no guarantee of the accuracy of anything herein. This clause is primarily intended for wikis.

~ Introduction ~

Irrlicht is a free, zlib-style-licensed 3D engine, having its own built-in engines as well as acting as a wrapper for OpenGL and DirectX. It is tailored primarily towards speed (and thus, gaming) and is relatively easy to modify.

If you’re a new C or C++ programmer, you may have heard of “Make” and “CMake”. Make is a program on Linux distros that sends commands to the compiler for how to.. well, make a program executable. CMake is supposedly the cross-platform version of “make” in that it creates make files for different operating systems. However, I’ve heard complaints that it’s a mess, and it just adds to the work. In steps Premake…

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Restoring The Menu Panel on Linux Mint Cinnamon

I got back into using Linux Mint Cinnamon not too long ago (Good bye, Windows! Hello, Mint 17) (the installation on a computer with NVidia I should write about since that’s it’s own fun mess), but like any piece of complicated software, it has its bugs. One of the more annoying bugs is when the menu panel / menu bar on the bottom (equivalent to Window’s Task Bar) just so happens to lose all of its text and icons…

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Ripping 3D Models from Websites

Anyone who explores the internet long enough should already be well aware of frequent image re-posting. While for some things, this is acceptable, in other areas, it leads to the ever louder cry of “art theft” and helps keep the lawyers active in the courts in D.C. and the halls of the copyright office. It is rather easy to copy a 2D image, and with Adobe CS 6, it is easy to remove a watermark. While images with watermarks removed may not be an exact copy (due to the algorithm for image correction and the style of watermark), the average naked eye won’t notice. But what’s more important is that a work with possibly a great deal of time put into its production (depending on if we’re talking about amateur photo or something like a realistic digital painting, etc.) is now available to everyone, and unfortunately, allows for just about anyone to take the credit. This tends to tick off artists and has lead to a whole lot of bickering and lawsuits.

Interestingly enough, what one might call the “calamities of Flatland” have yet to hit the 3D world. But here’s how that could change…

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Autumn’s Journey – an Indie Visual Novel Adventure

autumn visual novel wallpaper

Free wallpaper from the official site

Image taken from official website from the free downloads section. Permission was received to post it here.


  1. Introduction
  2. Synopsis
  3. Analysis
  4. Ratings
  5. Conclusion

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