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Spirit of the Rain – Weathering With You Review

As if heaven itself knew I’d watch the film, the day I went to see the film, it was a downpour, and when the film ended, it had stopped raining. Quite the coincidence, eh?

Tenki no Ko (literally, “Weather Child”), known in English as “Weathering With You” (which, as you may note, “weathering” is a word rarely used in English these days) is a story about a “sunshine girl” and a boy who moves to Tokyo. The boy goes to work for a man and his niece who write a mystique sensationalist magazine that looks into astrology and anything weird that is said to be occurring around Tokyo – you know, the kinds of bogus-info-filled magazines you see in the checkout line at Walmart. The city experiences lots of rain, and most people around town would like it to stop. Contrary to what the previews suggest, it’s NOT a story about escaping a mafia.

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More To Say

Happy New Year! Belated, but not by much. I’m really bad with New Years resolutions… ha… ha… ha. Some things going on with this blog…

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All That Remains review

Today I’ll be reviewing the based-on-a-true-story film, “All That Remains” by the studio Pixel Revolution.

My dedicated readers may recall I once reviewed “The Wind Rises” by Studio Ghibli. Both that movie and this one are more dramatized biographies than actual entertainment pieces, so they deserve lighter criticism in that regard. However, let’s keep this short and simple.

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James Tour, Rice Professor: The Origin of Life has not been explained

In textbook after textbook, students are told the latest theories in science as if they were already accepted fact and given no hint about the actual debate among scientists over some of the most popular concepts, including those that have little to do with the debate of “science vs religion” (more accurately: “physicalist vs non-physicalist”), such as the question as to whether quantum mechanics is probabilistic or deterministic.

However, today I wanted to bring up a video regarding that controversial topic of the origin of life. The video basically says what I’ve always thought and didn’t have the reputation to state with any authority. (Not that that mattered to me, but it does to some people.)

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Worthwhile Internet Writing

Most information we gather every day is “cheap” – It takes mere seconds to digest and doesn’t exercise your mental muscles. You learn very little and don’t become much wiser. This information could come in large chunks such as rambling blog posts or short snippets of news articles. Short snippets are so easy that the reader wants and reads more until the same time has passed as having read a long blog post.

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Costless Creativity

Today has been quite inspiring for a number of reasons, but the fun started happening with a really good (albeit 10+ year old) TED Talk by Ken Robinson regarding creativity and education. As you may well know with internet exploration, I was not searching at all for this TED Talk, but happened to stumble upon its mention in an article about techies homeschooling their kids that I was given among my lousy search engine results.  Randomness is it’s own form of creativity, and that’s one of the things that makes certain fractals so delightful. But rather than the computer generating all the wild creativity and fun, it can be much more enjoyable to do it yourself.

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The Line for Government

Assume we have three people: one with a big mouth, one who doesn’t say anything, and one with a gun. Who gets to control the situation? I think it’s fairly obvious that there’s a kind of pecking order here. The big mouth will exert influence over the living status of the silent people, but the person with the gun will get the final word if and when they want it.

Despite this being a very simple example, it applies regardless of scale, albeit the more people that are involved, the more difficult it is for the guys with the guns to enforce their will… at least at a moment’s notice.

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Enemies and the Dark Side of the Lego Batman Movie

Or “Degradation of Society, Part 2”. (Just found this article on my PC. I wrote it awhile ago and forgot about it.)

The first time I wrote about this film, I spoke about the family as it was addressed in the LEGO Batman Movie. The second time, I compared Joker to Satan. This time, I’ll be talking about the secondary theme of the film: Being an enemy. There’s more talk about Satan and spiritual things here, so skeptics will be… skeptics. haha.

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Lego Batman and the Offer of Satan

Finally got around to this follow up to a previous article I wrote some time ago. This is a short article. For another take and slightly more in-depth look, see my next article.

Let’s have a “relationship”. What an ambiguous term. Everything has a relationship. Neptune has a relationship with the price of tea in China… albeit a very distant relationship but a relationship nonetheless. (For example: The price of tea in China affects the spending power of the people, which in turn affects the costs of other commodities – locally and abroad – such as iron, which is used for making telescopes, spacecraft, and artificial satellites responsible for analyzing the surface of Neptune.)

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